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Park map

Discover the wonders of Talia park

  1. Vegetables garden
  2. Maya small lake (Thermal water 34 degrees with Jacuzzi)
  3. Anti-stress area: laurel oak, lavender, rosemary, mint
  4. Tonic area: myrtle, lavender, mint
  5. Calliope Falls 32 degrees
  6. Aura brook with bridge
  7. Calipso Turkish bath
  8. Games area for children
  9. Gea small lake (for children – 27 degrees)
  10. Dafne small lake (thermal water 30 degrees) with waterfall
  11. Anti-oxidant area: rosemary, lavender, myrtle, mint
  12. Naiadi small lake (hot and cold Kneipp pools, 36/22 degrees)
  13. Galatea path (hot and cold pools, 36/22 degrees)
  14. Anti-septic area: lemon, sage, lavender
  15. Relax area